accidental domestic god(dess): the secret of making flavor seep into meat

Oh, I was only kidding with the title. I’m vegetarian. Although that doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else (there, I admit it).

This tip is for sauteed food.

What you do is you heat the frying pan. When it’s hot enough, throw in cooking agent (I use coconut oil), stir and play with it a bit until it evenly covers the surface of the frying pan. Throw in ground seasoning/herbs that you want. For my dinner, I used (in this order): chili powder, salt, and oregano. Stir them some more until they mix together in form and smell, and you can proceed with cooking.

You’re welcome.

Also, I’m not going to do a Google search to see if anyone’s done this before. No. I am a genius. A bit delusional, perhaps, but isn’t that one of the signs of high intelligence? No, I’m not Googling that either.


accidental domestic god(dess): the art of dumping everything into the frying pan

Simple, yet satisfying.


Tempeh with mushrooms and kale, sauteed with coconut oil with some salt and chili powder. You can see the smoke billowing. The taste is meh, but I was hungry. Okay, now I need to go see Lion King.

Tempeh, mushrooms, and kale

on animals and restoring my faith on humanity

Perhaps I’m one of the unhealthiest vegetarians in the world. I mean, I eat fried foods like nobody’s business (although I stay away from gluten and I try being vegan whenever I can). That being said, I stay away from animal products (including sartorial-wise) because I don’t want to harm animals.

Years ago, I found Murkin and his Kittens through a YouTube video, and I’ve been following his Facebook Page ever since. Then this post happened:



“This sweet kitten was signed over to us today to be euthanized. Despite having a severe eye injury, she was still purring while we examined her eye; I just couldn’t bear the thought of euthanizing her. We are currently contacting local rescue groups for help, in the meantime she will stay with Murkin and I (on pain medication) while we find a way to get her the surgery she needs. She will lose the eye; but she will gain a second chance at life.”

But wait, here’s the good news.

Deanna Edwards (Murkin’s guardian) set up a fund-raising campaign for the surgery cost of Samurai. Her initial target was US$ 900. In frigging NINE hours, the campaign has earned $1,730.

So thank you, humanity, for proving that once again, I am sadly mistaken about my view on you. That there are good people out there.

Go here to add even more fund to help Samurai.

Addendum: Samurai’s surgery was a success! Like Murkin’s Facebook page for more updates.

Samurai with veterinarian Lori Gil after the surgery.

Samurai with veterinarian Lori Gil after the surgery.