dear neighbor

I found this little thing on my Facebook Note. This was written two years ago. He’d moved out.


Dear Neighbor,
I find you horrible
I don’t like conflicts
So let’s do it as easy as possible

I thought we had an agreement
When you replied my letter
I thought we had a mutual respect
And things were going to get better

Two nights ago, you came in late
At 11.30 PM to be precise
I suppose you had your friends over
It was Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t a surprise

But you guys wore soles and heels
The kinds that banged on thin ceilings
You talked loudly until 1 AM
Ignoring your neighbors’ feelings

Last night you walked in at 11.30 PM
You were on the line
Then giggled and chatted with your lady friend
Having a really great time

I’m an international student
Still I chose to be polite
To not phone my folks back home
When the hour’s around midnight

When you gave me your phone number
And laid your promises out
Did you really expect me to text or call you
When you get way too loud?

I thought you were mature enough
I thought, “Oh, it was benign neglect.”
Obviously, I have been wrong
To think you had manners or sense of respect

I don’t want to listen to you fighting on the phone
Swearing and saying, “I love you, I love you!”
Nor do I want to hear Homer moaning, “Saxomophone,”
Or whatever it is that The Simpsons do

I try to be nice, I try to ignore
The rhythmic creaking of the bed
I get it, you have great stamina
But I don’t want my ceiling to collapse on my head

In the spirit of Thanksgiving,
It’s a shame there should be discord
But I can’t take it anymore
So I’m CC-ing this to our landlord

they say i’m a fag

They say I’m a fag
And that’s the honest truth
I don’t deny it
I’ve been that way since my youth

They say I’m ugly
Well, I have good and bad days
My skin isn’t flawless and I have Orc teeth
And insecurities about my body and my face

They say I’m a weirdo
I know I’m sometimes strange
And more often than not
I act deranged

They say I’m passive-aggressive
Like it’s something awful
I’ve seen other things they do
That are far more horrible

Well, they can say anything they want
They can say anything they please
As long as they don’t say I can’t live my life
And live my dreams and live in peace