eat eat eat: le jardin plaza indonesia

I am not a big fan of Plaza Indonesia. I find the place pretentious with a very unwelcoming vibe, but maybe that’s just me and because I dress like a weirdo and I don’t fit in with the Plaza Indonesia crowd that’s usually really dressy.

However, my two best friends like the place and I was really bored of Grand Indonesia, so I decided to go with the majority for our Sunday Brunch. Off we went to a place called Le Jardin.

Maybe it was because the sun was pale and it just stopped raining and the glass windows were hazy from condensation that everything looked right. The seats (which unfortunately I didn’t photograph) are just the right height, and every table has its own private area (ours was next to windows).

Then there was the food. I ordered a plate of Tagliatelle aux Legumes (vegetarian) and I must’ve made the right choice because the portion was perfect (though they could’ve added more veggies), it wasn’t creamy (they used olive oil), and although a bit tasteless (I wouldn’t mind a dash of basil or rosemary), it was satisfying.

Tagliatelle aux Legumes.

Tagliatelle aux Legumes. Not so much legumes, malheureusement.

My friends ordered dessert, and I said no (yay will power!), but I managed to take photos of one of their cakes. It was called La Vie en Rose. It was raspberry and looked utterly delicious and my friend offered me a bite, but I said no again (yay will power! Or was it because I wanted the whole cake and not just one bite?). I don’t know… I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar and I didn’t even put sugar in my peppermint tea. Let’s see if this diet works for me.

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose.

And here’s my verdict: Le Jardin is so much better than Social House (Grand Indonesia) and Le Jardin’s bill folder is soooo cute that it almost made me feel the price wasn’t a rip off. Almost. However, for the atmosphere and the place and the food, it was worth it.

Dress code: Casual
Price ($ to $$$$): $$$ for main course, $$ for dessert, $$ for drinks
Vegetarian friendly: Yes
Atmosphere:pinkstarpinkstarpinkstarpinkstar  (family friendly, yet romantic enough)