obligatory lovey-dovey post

Here’s how I know he loves me:

He cooked the food of my people.


And excelled at it.


This vegan lamb meat Rendang was especially tasty.

More pictures on my Flickr Food set.

accidental domestic god(dess): the art of dumping everything into the frying pan

Simple, yet satisfying.


Tempeh with mushrooms and kale, sauteed with coconut oil with some salt and chili powder. You can see the smoke billowing. The taste is meh, but I was hungry. Okay, now I need to go see Lion King.

Tempeh, mushrooms, and kale

eat eat eat: union plaza senayan

Ah, Union. Where to begin.

Really courteous servers and hot alternative-looking bartenders (yay for tattoo and piercing visibility in Jakarta! Oh, and there was one server who looked like an older, shorter, but hotter and more muscular version of Joseph Gordon Levitt), and I love, love the Dammann tea called L’Oriental that they have. It’s green tea with such a sweet fragrance. The place itself is far from pretentious, although the crowd is more of an upper-class (of course, just look at the food prices. A tad of a rip-off if you ask me), and I love their floor-to-ceiling windows that let in some light (thank goodness the sun was pale today). There are booth seats with sofas, and the tables are well-spaced.

Union Plaza Senayan

It was very crowded, which was unsurprising since today is the first day of the Eid and people dining out to either celebrate or because their maids and cooks had already gone back to their villages. We were asked to wait at the bar for our table (they take phone reservation). I didn’t mind. Like I said, the bartenders were hot (fresh juice, cocktails, coffee, and tea available).

They have very few vegetarian dishes, and again, I had to settle for pasta (I hate salad). I ordered Spaghetti with Roasted Mushrooms and White Truffle Cream. The portion was small (or perhaps I was just hungry), the roasted mushrooms were delicious, but the cream was a little too heavy. My friend ordered grilled salmon and we had to wait for about twenty minutes before ours arrived, while my other friend’s Salad Romaine arrived in about ten minutes.

Roasted Mushrooms, Spaghetti, and White Truffle Cream

The menu said “Roasted Mushrooms, Spaghetti, and White Truffle Cream”

Salad Romaine

Salad Romaine

My friend said the salad was not as good Kitchenette’s (Plaza Indonesia).

I used my sheer will power again to resist desert temptation, but my friends ordered these:

Chocolate Praline

Chocolate Praline

Crunchy Chocolate Tart

Crunchy Chocolate Tart

Now you know why I’m so proud of my will power. I have been and always will be a sugar and chocolate whore, and just looking at these cakes made my mouth water. Furthermore, my friends didn’t even finish their desserts (they said the cakes were too heavy). I had to double my efforts to stop myself from reaching and gobbling down the leftovers.

Crunchy Chocolate Tart texture

Crunchy Chocolate Tart texture

These two chocolate cakes contained liquor.

No further complaints, except for the location of the bar which is in the smoking section (yuck) of the restaurant. Oh, and an obnoxious  girl next to us who loudly greeted her friend by saying, “Oh my God, you’re fucking fat!” (Verbatim quote. Her friend (a guy) was not fat). She continued to be obnoxiously loud (despite our tables being very well-spaced), but thank goodness we were done eating and had enough time to gossip and chat and laugh.

Oh, and Union serves foie gras. Seriously, what kind of backward, monstrously cruel restaurant uses fattened duck liver these days?


Their pasta section is quite limited.

Dress code: Casual
Price ($ to $$$$): $$$$ for main course, $$$ for dessert, $$ for drinks
Vegetarian friendly: Yes, but very limited vegetarian options, nothing vegan on the list
Atmosphere:pinkstarpinkstarpinkstarpinkstar  (family friendly, yet romantic enough)
Location: Plaza Senayan (inside Sogo, next to Starbucks on the ground floor).

eat eat eat: le jardin plaza indonesia

I am not a big fan of Plaza Indonesia. I find the place pretentious with a very unwelcoming vibe, but maybe that’s just me and because I dress like a weirdo and I don’t fit in with the Plaza Indonesia crowd that’s usually really dressy.

However, my two best friends like the place and I was really bored of Grand Indonesia, so I decided to go with the majority for our Sunday Brunch. Off we went to a place called Le Jardin.

Maybe it was because the sun was pale and it just stopped raining and the glass windows were hazy from condensation that everything looked right. The seats (which unfortunately I didn’t photograph) are just the right height, and every table has its own private area (ours was next to windows).

Then there was the food. I ordered a plate of Tagliatelle aux Legumes (vegetarian) and I must’ve made the right choice because the portion was perfect (though they could’ve added more veggies), it wasn’t creamy (they used olive oil), and although a bit tasteless (I wouldn’t mind a dash of basil or rosemary), it was satisfying.

Tagliatelle aux Legumes.

Tagliatelle aux Legumes. Not so much legumes, malheureusement.

My friends ordered dessert, and I said no (yay will power!), but I managed to take photos of one of their cakes. It was called La Vie en Rose. It was raspberry and looked utterly delicious and my friend offered me a bite, but I said no again (yay will power! Or was it because I wanted the whole cake and not just one bite?). I don’t know… I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar and I didn’t even put sugar in my peppermint tea. Let’s see if this diet works for me.

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose.

And here’s my verdict: Le Jardin is so much better than Social House (Grand Indonesia) and Le Jardin’s bill folder is soooo cute that it almost made me feel the price wasn’t a rip off. Almost. However, for the atmosphere and the place and the food, it was worth it.

Dress code: Casual
Price ($ to $$$$): $$$ for main course, $$ for dessert, $$ for drinks
Vegetarian friendly: Yes
Atmosphere:pinkstarpinkstarpinkstarpinkstar  (family friendly, yet romantic enough)

daily post challenge: A-Z poem

Ah there you are, I see you
Bulbous deliciousness wrapped in gold
Chilled and hidden, in sweetness you have come
Desirable, you, created by the Devil’s hands, or is it God’s?
Either way, you are in my hands now
For a moment, I look at you, I ponder, I ruminate
Guilt-laden is this pleasure you bring me
Here, here, let me hold you close for a little while
Just for a little while
Kisses so lustful are no match for you
Lovers can lie and they lie all the time
Meanwhile you embody truth and virtue
Nectar of the Gods
Oh, I tease you not
Please, pleasure me, and answer this
Question that haunts me
Reveal yourself to me
So cold in my grasp, so bold
There, there, your nakedness will not last long
United we shall be
Victory will be ours
Well, it will be more of mine, but you will be part of me
Xenos no more
You, on my lips, on my tongue, on my teeth, and down my throat
Zest, this zest that I ingest, alas will go straight to my hips

Photo by yours truly. As I was taking pictures, my mother came and took one.

Photo by yours truly. As I was taking pictures, my mother came and casually helped herself to one of these.

Prompt taken from The DailyPost.