Gentlemen Prefer Asians

gpacoverMy new nonfiction book, Gentlemen Prefer Asians: Tales of Gay Indonesians and Green Card Marriages,  is now available in paperback (through major online retailers, including Amazon’s Kindle).

“Frank and funny and entire original…” – Marilyn Abildskov, author of The Men in My Country

“By turns wry, heartbreaking, haunted, and affecting, Gentlemen Prefer Asians is about much more than just gentlemen or Asians.” – Kaya Oakes, author of The Nones Are Alright and Radical Reinvention

“… a moving window into the lives of persons who live between multiple worlds, finding joys and sorrows, challenges and triumphs.” – Tom Boellstorff, author of The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia and A Coincidence of Desires: Anthropology, Queer Studies in Indonesia

“Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta’s book is vital reading for all of us interested in charting the transcontinental course of love and self-summoning. It’s an important book – and it’s delicious fun to read.” – David Groff, author ofClay

“Tuanakotta’s writing is intimate yet objective and the truths of immigration via marriage for three gay Asian men are told with honesty, while at the same time Tuanakotta’s work serves as testimonial to the history of gay rights and visibility in two places that are considered home.” – Meliza Banales, author of Life Is Wonderful, People Are Teriffic

“Rarely do the lives of Indonesian gay men get depicted in the English language with such wit, eloquence, and humor.” – Rizal Iwan, Indonesian writer

Gentlemen Prefer Asians is a nonfiction book about three gay Indonesian men living in Los Angeles, each one is married to an American man. It tells stories of growing up and living as a gay person in Indonesia, the current LGBTQ conditions in both Indonesia and the US (namely Los Angeles), green card marriages, gender and sexual identities, open relationships, and critique on religion.

Although Gentlemen Prefer Asians deals with binational marriages and immigration and the risks that come with them, in its core, it’s a study of memories and how they affect the characters’ decisions.