accidental domestic god(dess): the secret of making flavor seep into meat

Oh, I was only kidding with the title. I’m vegetarian. Although that doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else (there, I admit it).

This tip is for sauteed food.

What you do is you heat the frying pan. When it’s hot enough, throw in cooking agent (I use coconut oil), stir and play with it a bit until it evenly covers the surface of the frying pan. Throw in ground seasoning/herbs that you want. For my dinner, I used (in this order): chili powder, salt, and oregano. Stir them some more until they mix together in form and smell, and you can proceed with cooking.

You’re welcome.

Also, I’m not going to do a Google search to see if anyone’s done this before. No. I am a genius. A bit delusional, perhaps, but isn’t that one of the signs of high intelligence? No, I’m not Googling that either.



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