on animals and restoring my faith on humanity

Perhaps I’m one of the unhealthiest vegetarians in the world. I mean, I eat fried foods like nobody’s business (although I stay away from gluten and I try being vegan whenever I can). That being said, I stay away from animal products (including sartorial-wise) because I don’t want to harm animals.

Years ago, I found Murkin and his Kittens through a YouTube video, and I’ve been following his Facebook Page ever since. Then this post happened:



“This sweet kitten was signed over to us today to be euthanized. Despite having a severe eye injury, she was still purring while we examined her eye; I just couldn’t bear the thought of euthanizing her. We are currently contacting local rescue groups for help, in the meantime she will stay with Murkin and I (on pain medication) while we find a way to get her the surgery she needs. She will lose the eye; but she will gain a second chance at life.”

But wait, here’s the good news.

Deanna Edwards (Murkin’s guardian) set up a fund-raising campaign for the surgery cost of Samurai. Her initial target was US$ 900. In frigging NINE hours, the campaign has earned $1,730.

So thank you, humanity, for proving that once again, I am sadly mistaken about my view on you. That there are good people out there.

Go here to add even more fund to help Samurai.

Addendum: Samurai’s surgery was a success! Like Murkin’s Facebook page for more updates.

Samurai with veterinarian Lori Gil after the surgery.

Samurai with veterinarian Lori Gil after the surgery.

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