are you even there? god?


I know we’re not in good terms right now. I don’t even know how long it’s been. No, don’t say how long.

I tried praying, really, I did. Then one of your people took my faith away. He took my faith in love and rescinded me into almost nothingness. Then I was left to pick up my pieces and fend for myself, and I did it all without praying.

Years ago, when I lost my cat, I stayed away from you for three weeks. Then I came back. I cursed you, but I came back. I don’t know if I can do the same now.

Your people have done more hurt than good. But I’ll bet you already know. You, being omniscient, omnipotent. You, who wreaked havoc on Earth with water. You, who brought damage to Sodom with brim stones (therefore justifying the cursing of the likes of me). Was the 2005 Tsunami also your wrath? What about AIDS? Ebola? SARS? Osama bin Laden? Justin Bieber? Or the boys of One Direction?

Are you benevolent? Are you choosy? Are you loving?

Do you pick your fights? Do you know when to stay silent and when to fight back?

Which one is your true book? Which one is your true prophet?

If you teach love, then why is the world so devoid of love? Do you even care?

Do you think we need a new you?

Are you listening?

Are you even there?


This open letter to God (whoever that is) was inspired by this Daily Post prompt.


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