hate the religion and the religious

You know, I’m really tired of reading/hearing people write/say “hate homosexuality, don’t hate homosexuals”. What in straight hell does that even mean? Homosexuals exist because we commit homosexual acts. No matter what anyone thinks, sex is a natural act and there are people who exclusively have sex with members of the opposite sex (like my parents, well, as far as I know anyway) and those who exclusively have sex with members of the same sex (like me).

So, in light of that statement, which is usually made by religious people from monotheistic and patriarchal religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), I say hate the religion AND the religious. Why?

  1. For wars (jihad, holy wars, whatever) they’ve created, especially the collateral damage (loss of innocent souls including and especially those of animals’, loss of reputation of country involved (yeah, I’m talking about my lovely country Indonesia, yay us!)). Seriously, do homosexuals create wars? Fashion wars, perhaps, because we’re chic and we know what’s gorgeous and what’s not (obviously this doesn’t reflect people like Johnny Weir) and we’re not scared to tell our friends, “Honey, don’t.”

    So many don'ts, so little time.

    So many don’ts, so little time. But then again, he’s not my friend.

  2. For the persecution of women and homosexuals. 

    I’m not only talking about the visible one right now (*cough*Islam*cough* and to some extent Catholicism (if I were a Catholic, I’d rather have a female pope)), but also past actions like this. Oh yeah, I still harbor resentment.To make matters worse, women of Islam, do you know that you only inherit 1/8 of your dead husband’s money, and that’s so much less than your son and your daughter? But hey, money doesn’t make the world go round, does it? No, of course not, but it offers a sense of comfort and protection, especially when one’s older and more feeble. Also, polygamy? Really?

    This is probably the least horrifying and gory image I can get from the Internet.

    This is probably the least horrifying and gory image I can get from the Internet of persecution of women.

  3. For wanting others to convert. 

    Oh yes. Classic. Pitting the “believers” with the “unbelievers”. You know, for religions as persecuted as Christianity and Islam, you think they’d be less of a bully. But no. This reminds me of one of my exes who told me he was abused by his boyfriend and then went on and did horrible things to me.* 

    Also, just so you know, the Jews welcomed Muhammad when he traveled (hijra) in June 622 CE from Mecca to Medina (then called Yathrib) after his failed campaign. The leaders of Jewish tribes in Yathrib were intrigued and let him come. Big mistake. Muhammad banished Jews, not only from Yathrib, but also from Arabia, beginning with the Qaynuqa tribe in 624 CE (that’s two years after Muhammad arrived in Yathrib). Want more evidence? Knock yourself out.

    As romantic as this looks, caravans crossing deserts had to deal with extreme desert temperature and raids.

    As romantic as this looks, caravans crossing deserts had to deal with extreme desert temperature and raids. Painting by Charles Theodore Frere.

  4. For basic intolerance. 

    Ah, my muslim friends acquaintances  fellow human beings countrymen who are now doing the fasting tradition in Ramadan. Do you really have to parade every sahur (meal before dawn to prepare for that day’s fast) and scream and shout every three in the morning? Not everyone in the vicinity is muslim, you intolerant bunch. 

    Also, the morning call to prayers? Can you turn the volume down, please? Some of us need sleep. I’m looking at you, the muslims at Masjid Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta. I live like a mile away from you and I can hear you loud and clear every goddamn morning and now, ever night from 1 AM to 2 AM, I can hear fiery (or is it angry?) preaching from your mosque, right before the sahur parade. Just a basic background for those who aren’t familiar with muslim practices: muslims pray five times daily, and it’s customary to be reminded with a call to prayer (adhan) that it’s praying time. This adhan is broadcast from minarets using loudspeakers (in some cases, REALLY LOUDspeakers). 

    In Malaysia, a Chinese couple was jailed for promoting the eating of pork during Ramadan and non-muslim students ate in a toilet TO PRACTICE TOLERANCE. 

    Indonesia of course has its own case to deal with: a member of Islamic Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam / FPI, a notoriously violent and stupid “organization”) was involved in a fatal hit-and-run while doing Ramadan raids in Kendal (no doubt driving under influence, as they’re usually drunk during raids to summon their courage. I’m not joking).

    I could totally relate to Grendel (from Beowulf tale). That poor, horrible creature just wants to sleep.

    I could totally relate to Grendel (from Beowulf tale). That poor, horrible creature just wants to sleep.

So, let me ask you this, how can you separate the religious from religion? I mean, sure not all religious people behave that way. Not every religious man or woman or whatever condone violence and driving out others who don’t share the same faith. Just like homosexuality and homosexuals. Not everyone of us is a predator. Not everyone of us wants to have sex all the time.

Happy Ramadan, happy Eid, happy whatever religious festivity you want. May peace be with you. Thank goodness I’m vegetarian, otherwise I’d eat pork in front of mosques.

But really, who am I to teach about hate? After all, I am not a preacher. Or religious.

Dat nose!

Dat nose!

*Addendum: on Facebook, a friend pointed out that religion wasn’t the core of problem, it’s power.

Why, yes. Of course it’s power. In the Old Testament, Jews were the victims, then they rose to power (and tormented Christians and Pagans). In the New Testament, Christians were the victims, then they rose to power (and tormented Jews and Pagans). In Quran, Muslims were the victims, then Islam rose to power (and tormented Jews and Christians and Pagans).


3 thoughts on “hate the religion and the religious

  1. In Islam, women did only own 1/8 of heritage. But what’s hers is hers, no need to give to her husband. What a husband have is hers too. And a child have to obey their mother first, second, and third times more than the father.

    Polygamy, as far as I knew and I believe is by choice. The point is you have to be fair with your wives in terms of everything, including money, love and affection. But really, in this world, human cannot be fair and separated their feelings equally. In short, polygamy cannot be approved in people nowadays. Not all moslem practicing polygamy dear.

    Dear, you only experience this one month in every 12month of moon year. Enjoy the festivity. If you’re bother with the LOUDspeaker, complaint and not just rave around. In Jogja, I live nearby 3 mosque (can reach them by foot and closer than your house to Masjid Sunda Kelapa) and they politely called out every 2 n 3am just to shout suhoor, and then silent again. Nothing exaggerating. My point is, do complaint if you’re bothered.

    Our Prophet didn’t banished Jews, as far as I know the Jews was exhiled because they betrayed the pact. For us it will always be like this, To you be your way, and to me mine (Lakum diinukum waliyadiin). Our way of spreading Islam is not like giving food and education for people in return of their faith. Really not like that.

    And FPI? Yeah agree with you, they should be banished. They’re not moslem by heart, just by look. And its disgrace.

    Haiiihhh too much comment on one page.

    • You know, if only more muslims were like you, Indonesia would be a safer place. Not perfect, not safe, but safer. However, I stand by my ground that history was written by winners (Muhammad, and not Jews) and we may never know if pre-Islamic society was indeed ruthless to women.

      And no, Masjid Sunda Kelapa sometimes do loud 3 AM morning calls. Maybe there are some overzealous people out there.

    • no,polygamy is a sin you monkey muslim. its just that muslim men tend to commit polygamy a hundred times more than non muslims because they follow a religion which has a pedophile for a prophet(muhammad married a child names aisha when she was ONLY 9 YEARS OLD!!) and who also pratise polygamy. This hell of a prophet also taught muslims to commit terrorist attacks against ‘non believers’. Non muslims are called kafir by muslims and are considered scums of the earth by muslim pigs.Muslims also pratice ‘wife beating’ which is also knowns as abuse against women. Lets just say the whole muslim population is an entire failure to humanity. These are not their only faults, muslim pigs have commited many forms of crime and discrimination against women and non muslims, do your research and stop trying to find lame excuses for these pigs.

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