daily post challenge: A-Z poem

Ah there you are, I see you
Bulbous deliciousness wrapped in gold
Chilled and hidden, in sweetness you have come
Desirable, you, created by the Devil’s hands, or is it God’s?
Either way, you are in my hands now
For a moment, I look at you, I ponder, I ruminate
Guilt-laden is this pleasure you bring me
Here, here, let me hold you close for a little while
Just for a little while
Kisses so lustful are no match for you
Lovers can lie and they lie all the time
Meanwhile you embody truth and virtue
Nectar of the Gods
Oh, I tease you not
Please, pleasure me, and answer this
Question that haunts me
Reveal yourself to me
So cold in my grasp, so bold
There, there, your nakedness will not last long
United we shall be
Victory will be ours
Well, it will be more of mine, but you will be part of me
Xenos no more
You, on my lips, on my tongue, on my teeth, and down my throat
Zest, this zest that I ingest, alas will go straight to my hips

Photo by yours truly. As I was taking pictures, my mother came and took one.

Photo by yours truly. As I was taking pictures, my mother came and casually helped herself to one of these.

Prompt taken from The DailyPost.

11 thoughts on “daily post challenge: A-Z poem

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  6. This is the best post that I have ever seen, with the picture being the reveal at the end – what a brilliant idea to post it at the end of the poem, so that you only see it after you’ve finished – inspired! My favourite line is the “For a moment, I look at you, I ponder, I ruminate”. I feel like I’m tasting the sweetness of the words of every line as if they were as sweet as candy and I’m Charlie in the Chocolate Factory – superb poem, great use of the prompt.

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